The Concrete Jungle

Manhattan envelops you, preventing an easy escape.

It is dense, imposing, and ornate.


The Pope's Visit

The Pope came to town last Fall.

I don't fully understand the appeal of organized religion. It's unlikely I ever will and, at times, that makes me sad.

These photos, shot with a super-telephoto lens from the roof of my work, at once depict my curiosity, confusion, discomfort, and distance.


Snapshot: Morning Sunrise


Morning Sunrise
Duck, NC

The Perils of Email in the Broadcast Workplace

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Red Rock Canyon

I'm a big fan of Red Rock out in Nevada. (Friends live close to there, so we visit occasionally.)

It's a venue that allows me to explore a favorite theme: the relative size of things.

How large we feel, but how small we actually are.


Snapshots: Summer Thunderstorm


Summer Thunderstorm
Duck, NC

Snapshots: Sunset Through Canyon


Sunset Through Canyon
Red Rock State Park, NV

Snapshots: Moody Sunset


Moody Sunset
Duck, NC

Happy 4th!

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2015 Lens Culture Contest

I took these pics in New Zealand over Christmas.

I then entered them into The Lens Culture Contest.

The theme was scale — juxtaposing the enormous and immoveable with the scale we understand more, ourselves.


Snapshots: Red Rock

RedRock 12.08.23 PM

Storms Over Red Rock
Red Rock State Park, NV

Yankee Stadium

A cool spring night at Yankee Stadium is how you know you're living. Read More…

Conquering the Valley

Solo Submission

Conquering the Valley
The Matukituki Valley
New Zealand

Confidence and Client Service

What does it take to make it in this industry?

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A Taste of Austria

A Taste of Austria was made by Photographers Thomas Pöcksteiner and Peter Jablonowski of FilmSpektakel.
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Snapshot: 2015 Orchid Show

It's time for the annual Orchid Show at NYBG.

I got a little close and personal.

Viewer discretion is advised.


Don't Work For Free

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So … seriously … don't.