My Name in Lights

Or, maybe, just a press release saying I won an Emmy for my time in Rio this past summer at the Olympics.

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"Flying "High"
Intrepid Air and Space Museum
New York City

Happy 4th!

Have a great 4th of July holiday!

Snapshots: Chihuly at NYBG

Chihuly has come to NYBG, and off we went on a rainy weekend to see the sights. His works are placed throughout the gardens.

I particularly like his bowls, which are pictured at the bottom.

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The USS Kearsarge

For Memorial Day, Rebecca and I found ourselves on the USS Kearsarge, an amphibious assault vessel that held multiple boats and helicopters. The enormity of the ship, of which we saw just a small part, is hard to fathom. How can something so big float? Inside the ship sat a variety of weapons and vehicles; children played on them while adults peered on as if admiring a Monet or Renoir at a crosstown museum.

It felt surreal.

Here were these tools, meant to kill people or transport our troops into certain danger, acting the part of jungle-gym. Kids played with guns I don’t think civilians should own, and violated common sense gun safety rules, like never point a gun at a person unless you mean to pull the trigger. They posed alongside gun turrets, affixed to helicopters designed to look menacing. The military deserves our support, but the reasons to join must be more than, “I get to play with cool toys.” These tools protect us and are designed to be incredibly lethal. That deserves our reverence, not joviality.

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Snapshots: It's a Small World

While mom was up visiting for Mother's Day, we stopped into Gulliver's Gate, a new mini-world set up on 44th Street. While it's basically a large train table, the detail baked in is amazing. And it's worth a visit! Read More…

Snapshots: Turks & Caicos


"Flying High"

Flying High
"Flying High"
Grace Bay
Turks & Caicos Islands

Snapshots: Zombie Subdivision

We stumbled upon a zombie subdivision, which is a subdivision left abandoned by the original developers. Usually banks own them, usually unwillingly.

North Carolina law prohibits developers from selling lots until after installing all the infrastructure, things like roads, electricity, cable, sewage et. al. This requires a huge outlay of cash, usually in the form of a loan.

When the economy tanked and home values took a hit, these large projects found themselves upside down.

It’s unclear to me why I like zombie subdivisions. I’ve toured many since 2008, mostly in North Carolina. They represent a unique intersection of hope and failure, a collision of market forces and government. One cannot deny the post-apocalyptic appeal of such landscapes, an open wound on the land.

This one, however, shows signs of returning to life.


Snapshots: 2017 Orchid Show

I took 700 photographs of the show this year. I whittled it down to these.

Like my maternal grandmother, I'm a big fan of orchids. No particular reason.

Similar to my love of trains, it has just always been. And so, year after year after year, I photograph these flowers, governed by some mad compulsion that lives deep within me.


Snapshots: Women's March

I find protesting cathartic. It's not often you are allowed to openly yell in public.

And not get strange looks.


Video: Andrew Lott Interview

Shot, Directed, and Edited by Lance Darcy

Video: A Day in the Mountains

I'm a fan of photography and a big fan of time lapse photography.

I also love the Appalachian Mountains, and Blowing Rock, NC in particular.

Over many visits, I've recorded several time lapses, and here combined them into a finished product.

It's odd to me how much those mountains feel like home. Or, more like coming home.

Video: Dan Rousseau Interview

Shot, Directed, and Edited by Lance Darcy