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Lighting the Presidential Debates

Check out a behind the scenes look at what it takes to light the presidential primary debates. Read More…

The Perils of Email in the Broadcast Workplace

Check out the latest article on Newscast Studio, where I discuss email … and how much I hate it.


Confidence and Client Service

What does it take to make it in this industry?

Check out my latest article at Newscast Studio to read all about it. Or click below.


Don't Work For Free

Check out the latest LD on the DL, where I discuss working for free just isn't a good idea.

So … seriously … don't.

The Vectorworks Dilemma

On the latest LD On The DL I explore the uneasy relationship Vectorworks has with the industry who relies on it.

A Stranger In A Strange Land

I had the opportunity to sit in on The Projection Master Classes, held at LDI 2013 in Las Vegas.

It was an interesting trip. Read all about it.

Can LEDs Replace Tungsten?

Can LEDs replace tungsten? During LDI 2013 in Las Vegas I sat in on a class that tried to answer this very complicated question.

Take a look here.

Cleard To Land 1 4 Right

Check out the latest LD On The DL, where I discuss how similar our jobs are to aviation, and what exactly that means.

Log Book

Attached is a scan of my log book I use to keep track of how many hours I programmed for.

Basic show information is also recorded.

The orange highlight means some type of error made it to air.

The Argument Against Graduate School

Is graduate school worth it for our industry?

I think not, and discuss it in this month’s LD On The DL.

Check it out here.

N.Y. Times Continues The Story

Interestingly the N.Y Times has released an article about the abuse most interns and younger employees face. You can read the article by click here. Quite telling ...

My original piece regarding my discomfort surrounding internship programs is here.

I think we ultimately have a supply versus demand problem. There’s a glut of supply clumping up at the bottom because upward mobility is extremely difficult. Those slots are taken, and the people occupying them aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

When supply and demand become unbalanced, workers lose. A confluence of factors means younger workers are hit especially hard.

Internship Season

Soon it will be intern season. It’s a time of year I’m largely uncomfortable with, which I explore in the first LD On The DL of 2013. Check it out.

Has The Rate Changed In Ten Years?

During the spring I wanted to conduct a survey of New York freelancers’ pay. I wanted to tell a story about how union and non-union rates have changed over the past ten years. The results turned out to be surprising. Check out the latest LD On The DL for more.

The Incredible, Bendable Contract

Check out the latest LD On The DL, where I discuss if bending the rules of the contract is a good idea. Hint: I don’t think it is.

The Story Of George B. Wilson, Part 3

The conclusion of The Story of George B. Wilson.

The Story Of George B. Wilson, Part 2

Check out the latest LD On The DL, a three part series that discusses what happens when the client does not pay.

The Story Of George B. Wilson, Part 1

What began as a simple, straight-forward gig devolved into a cautionary tale of errors in judgement that eventually involved the New York court system and the seedy business of judgement collections. A person lost their job, two companies absorbed large financial hits, and salaries were cut in the wake of Mr. Wilson’s disastrous, artfully decorated, off-site fashion show. Check out Part 1 of this epic, three-part story.

The Emperor's Relatively New Clothes

Check out the latest LD On The DL, where I discuss LEDs. Frankly, I’m just not a fan.

Dealing With Data

We like to think of our jobs and roles within the industry in terms of our speciality. For example, I am a lighting designer, ergo, I work with lights. Or I am a shader, ergo, I paint cameras. However, as the digital revolution continues to unfold I think another, more unified perspective is becoming more appropriate. Rather than multiple, specific disciplines with little overlap, I see our jobs revolving around roughly the same thing: data. Check out the complete story.

Ten Years Ago …

I will never understand why we humans give significance to anniversaries divisible by ten. However, as I approach a ten year anniversary of my own I cannot help but pause and reflect. Ten years ago this month, I graduated from college. Follow the link to check out the rest of the story.

Rendering My Objections

Few technologies introduced in our industry held such promise - but have caused such heartache - as computer-drawn renderings. We were promised a new era in communicating with our clients. A new era began alright, but its most defining characteristic has not been of clarity. Rather, it’s been of refunded design fees and frustration. Click here to read more.

The Question

I have met more people in the past two weeks than the entirety of last year. As week three begins at my new job, I continue a round-robin marathon tour of the company’s activities. From producers to directors to shaders to board ops to gaffers … the names and faces keep on coming. Invariably just about all of them ask me The Question. Click here to find out more.

The 1099 Shuffle

Why do some companies pay freelancers on a 1099? In this LD On The DL I discuss why … and why they shouldn’t.


I heard somewhere that writers often embed themselves in groups they don’t belong to or partake in situations that are outside their normal experience. Then, these writers detail their experiences as an outsider that has somehow gained access. So when the company I worked for was awarded a job on Long Island and since my talents as a Lighting Designer would not be needed, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to become such a writer. I would be an embedded designer in a group of electricians for the duration of this project. Strap in and click here to read the rest of the story.

The Dysfunction Between Theater And Money

Let’s face it: Theater has a dysfunctional relationship with money. In this LD On The DL I take a hard look at this dysfunction and talk about the consequences.

Who's Justifyin' The Rate?

Should any of us justify the rate? Click here to read more.

Who Do Internships Benefit?

Who exactly do internships benefit? Check out the latest LD On The DL where I ask some tough questions.

Texting And The Console

Should we text and drive at the same time? Of course not! How about text and drive a show? The latest LD On The DL asks just that question.