"Flying "High"
Intrepid Air and Space Museum
New York City

Snapshots: Chihuly at NYBG

Chihuly has come to NYBG, and off we went on a rainy weekend to see the sights. His works are placed throughout the gardens.

I particularly like his bowls, which are pictured at the bottom.

\chihuly09chihuly04 Read More…

The USS Kearsarge

For Memorial Day, Rebecca and I found ourselves on the USS Kearsarge, an amphibious assault vessel that held multiple boats and helicopters. The enormity of the ship, of which we saw just a small part, is hard to fathom. How can something so big float? Inside the ship sat a variety of weapons and vehicles; children played on them while adults peered on as if admiring a Monet or Renoir at a crosstown museum.

It felt surreal.

Here were these tools, meant to kill people or transport our troops into certain danger, acting the part of jungle-gym. Kids played with guns I don’t think civilians should own, and violated common sense gun safety rules, like never point a gun at a person unless you mean to pull the trigger. They posed alongside gun turrets, affixed to helicopters designed to look menacing. The military deserves our support, but the reasons to join must be more than, “I get to play with cool toys.” These tools protect us and are designed to be incredibly lethal. That deserves our reverence, not joviality.

Kearsarge01Kearsarge02Kearsarge03Kearsarge04Kearsarge05Kearsarge06Kearsarge07Kearsarge08Kearsarge09Kearsarge10 Read More…

Snapshots: It's a Small World

While mom was up visiting for Mother's Day, we stopped into Gulliver's Gate, a new mini-world set up on 44th Street. While it's basically a large train table, the detail baked in is amazing. And it's worth a visit! Read More…

Snapshots: Turks & Caicos


"Flying High"

Flying High
"Flying High"
Grace Bay
Turks & Caicos Islands

Snapshots: Zombie Subdivision

We stumbled upon a zombie subdivision, which is a subdivision left abandoned by the original developers. Usually banks own them, usually unwillingly.

North Carolina law prohibits developers from selling lots until after installing all the infrastructure, things like roads, electricity, cable, sewage et. al. This requires a huge outlay of cash, usually in the form of a loan.

When the economy tanked and home values took a hit, these large projects found themselves upside down.

It’s unclear to me why I like zombie subdivisions. I’ve toured many since 2008, mostly in North Carolina. They represent a unique intersection of hope and failure, a collision of market forces and government. One cannot deny the post-apocalyptic appeal of such landscapes, an open wound on the land.

This one, however, shows signs of returning to life.


Snapshots: 2017 Orchid Show

I took 700 photographs of the show this year. I whittled it down to these.

Like my maternal grandmother, I'm a big fan of orchids. No particular reason.

Similar to my love of trains, it has just always been. And so, year after year after year, I photograph these flowers, governed by some mad compulsion that lives deep within me.


Snapshots: Women's March

I find protesting cathartic. It's not often you are allowed to openly yell in public.

And not get strange looks.


Snapsots: Linville Caverns

Caverns are odd places as tourist attractions go. I always wondered why they used such amber lights. Turns out when you white balance the images, the greens (which are suppressed in the amber glow) really pop. Perhaps some guests find this alarming. I do.

I could go without the silly stories of what rock formations create and more science, alas, "wedding chapels," "pipe organs," and "bacon" are about as technical as it gets.

Rarely mentioned is the damage wrought by humans. All the bats in this cave are dead from WNS, spread by us. The pathway and brick wall don't appear to be natural formations. The damage to the walls (algae spores and broken off rock formations which take centuries to grow) are also because of us.

It all makes me think of the principle called The Observer Effect - to observe a thing is to change it. No where is that more evident in caves.


"The Maze"

Waking in Appalachia it's easy to understand how it received its reputation for being a mystical place, full of dark and ancient magic.

The Appalachian mountains are a very old mountain chain; they were old even when the dinosaurs dominated Earth.

Worn down to nearly nothing now, I find it hard to ignore the gentle pull of these aging giants and the area.

The Maze
Blowing Rock, NC

Snapsots: Christmas in NC


"Like Magic"


"Like Magic"
Max and Hal Ferguson
New Market, VA

Snapshots: Thanksgiving

When in Rome, see the sights.

When in Virginia, enjoy family and shoot guns.

And perhaps photograph a lovely sunset.


Snapshots: Election Night

it was an election night we won't soon forget.


Snapshots: Midtown Sunset

The view on top of 230 5th Avenue is remarkable.

The drink prices, however, are too.


Snapshots: NYBG Pumpkins


Snapshots: JFK Approach

After over a month away in Rio, flying back home felt like seeing an old friend again.

On this August afternoon we took a lazy and looping path towards JFK.

I never tire looking out the window. So much humanity and diversity crammed into such a small space.

It's good to be back.


Snapshots: North Carolina Vacation

Once again my family vacationed in Blowing Rock this summer.

We took a day trip to Asheville and visited The Biltmore House.

We hiked, we canoed, we toured, we ate and drank.

It's odd to me how much I love my home, New York, and yet how drawn I am to the very ancient Appalachian Mountains.


"Hero Shot"

Grandfather Mountain
Blowing Rock, North Carolina

The Turks & Caicos Islands

The Turks & Caicos Islands are an odd place.

They owe their existence to a reef that encompasses the island chain. Most natives, or belongers, who live here are descendants from slave ships that crashed on that reef. Tourists are surrounded by opulence, and yet you cannot help but notice something is amiss.

The government is fantastically corrupt. The UK took back control to end the dysfunction and hasn't yet given it back. The local adult population is overwhelmingly obese, while the children and teenagers all look emaciated -- a sign of a diet rich in carbohydrates and little else. Since the country must import all food, it is very expensive. Unfinished and abandoned hotels and properties dot the landscape. Tourism and attracting second home owners are the only two industries. In the posher resorts, guest facing staff are imported from Asian countries. We stayed on Parrot Cay, whose original name was Pirate Cay. (For branding purposes the government decided to change it.)

Yet my wife and I keep going back, attracted to the area's innate, natural beauty.


Lower Manhattan

I have mixed feelings about Lower Manhattan's development. Read More…

Snapshot: Room View a View


Parrot Cay
Turks & Caicos Islands

Snapshot: Ruby & Max


Ruby & Max
New Market, VA


Despite me and my wife's choice to not have kids of our own, they still fascinate me.

Children are at once complex beings with rich inner worlds, while simultaneously being driven by very basic, egocentric needs -- things like food, attention, or stimulation.

All except one of these pictures were taken without Aram noticing. I don't usually take pictures without the subject's knowledge.

However, there's an authenticity captured that was not possible otherwise.


Snapshot: NYC In Spring

Spring in New York City really is the best. Read More…

The Concrete Jungle

Manhattan envelops you, preventing an easy escape.

It is dense, imposing, and ornate.


The Pope's Visit

The Pope came to town last Fall.

I don't fully understand the appeal of organized religion. It's unlikely I ever will and, at times, that makes me sad.

These photos, shot with a super-telephoto lens from the roof of my work, at once depict my curiosity, confusion, discomfort, and distance.


Snapshot: Morning Sunrise


Morning Sunrise
Duck, NC

Red Rock Canyon

I'm a big fan of Red Rock out in Nevada. (Friends live close to there, so we visit occasionally.)

It's a venue that allows me to explore a favorite theme: the relative size of things.

How large we feel, but how small we actually are.


Snapshots: Summer Thunderstorm


Summer Thunderstorm
Duck, NC

Snapshots: Sunset Through Canyon


Sunset Through Canyon
Red Rock State Park, NV

Snapshots: Moody Sunset


Moody Sunset
Duck, NC

2015 Lens Culture Contest

I took these pics in New Zealand over Christmas.

I then entered them into The Lens Culture Contest.

The theme was scale — juxtaposing the enormous and immoveable with the scale we understand more, ourselves.


Snapshots: Red Rock

RedRock 12.08.23 PM

Storms Over Red Rock
Red Rock State Park, NV

Yankee Stadium

A cool spring night at Yankee Stadium is how you know you're living. Read More…

Conquering the Valley

Solo Submission

Conquering the Valley
The Matukituki Valley
New Zealand

Snapshot: 2015 Orchid Show

It's time for the annual Orchid Show at NYBG.

I got a little close and personal.

Viewer discretion is advised.


Snapshot: Japanese Gardens

Again this year, on display were various Chrysanthemums grown in very peculiar ways that differ greatly from Western practices.

Leave it to the Japanese to be this meticulous.

Thanks to NYBG for hosting.

Snapshots: Boothbay Gardens

Costal Maine Botanical Gardens is a beautiful place located in Costal Maine.

Read More…

Snapshots: Ogunquit, ME

My family traveled to Ogunquit, Maine for summer vacation.

I really wanted to capture the essence of this place.

I think I got it. Pro tip: Bring cash. And carpool. Read More…

Snapshots: The Rose Show

A rose by any any other name ...

Snapshots: NYC Spring

It was a hard winter, which made Spring that much lovelier.


Snapshots: East Haddam, CT

Recently spent some time with friends who live in East Haddam. Read More…

Snapshots: Spring 2014

We say goodbye to a cool spring, and hello to the hot summer.

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Snapshots: Turks & Caicos

For me and my wife’s 5th wedding anniversary, we decided to go to the Turks and Caicos Islands.

It was an amazing trip, especially after this brutal winter.

Coming back was difficult. Read More…

Snapshots: 2014 Orchid Show

My grandmother loved orchids.

Every year I go to NYBG to see their annual orchid show.

Maybe it’s in my blood.
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Snapshots: The Final Frontier

The night sky in winter in New Market, Virginia is nothing short of spectacular.

Snapshots: Gingerbread

Every year the family makes a gingerbread house. There’s only one rule: Except for the base, everything must be edible.

Edible perhaps, but not particularly tasty. The icing dries harder than cement, and the dough is anything but scrumptious.

Still, it’s a fun tradition that brings us all together. This year three couples made three quite distinct houses.

Snapshots: Virginia Wild

New Market, VA

Snapshots: Vegas Panoramas

Lake Mead
Boulder City, Nevada

Red Rock Canyon
Las Vegas, Nevada

Snapshots: Leaving Las Vegas

My wife raced in the Rock ’n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon this past November.

Naturally, I brought my camera along. Our more touristy adventures included The Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon.

The Fountains at The Bellagio

Hoover Dam

Red Rock Canyon

Snapshots: Panoramas

Recently I started shooting panoramas.

My love of landscape photography meshes well with panoramic shots. Often I wish there was a lens wide enough to capture the totality of a stunning vista.

Thankfully, through Photoshop there’s away to capture it all.

Check out a few examples.

Fancy Gap, VA

Fancy Gap, VA

Bald Mountain
Bear Mountain State Park
New York

Snapshots: Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain State Park is located close to my home in NYC. We went hiking on a crisp Saturday morning hoping to catch some pretty fall foliage.

The difficult 7 mile hike did not disappoint. Afterwards we ate (a lot) at Chilis.

Leave it to city dwellers to celebrate the best of rural and suburban America in one weekend day.

Snapshots: Japanese Gardens

NYBG hosted a really amazing Japanese Garden exhibit this October. Mostly on display were various Chrysanthemums grown in very peculiar ways that differ greatly from Western practices.

I also snapped some various water lilies.

Time Lapse Chicago

Photographer Max Wilson has completed a really amazing project. Take a look.

Chicago Timelapse Project - Windy City Nights from Max Wilson on Vimeo.

I’m a big fan of time lapse photography. It shows us a world video or cinema photography cannot. It also takes time and compresses it into a manageable, digestible chunk.

But being a good photographer takes skills beyond the camera, which Max Wilson goes into great detail about.

Snapshots: Summer 2013

Snapshots: Blowing Rock

A Lion Ate It

I just saw this the other day. My wife sent it over.

I’m guessing the warranty didn’t anticipate this from happening …


From Petapixel’s website:

Atlanta-based photographer Ed Hetherington makes a living photographing weddings, but earlier this month he traveled to Zimbabwe for a wildlife photography adventure. While there, he had a unique experience he won’t soon forget: a lion stole his camera.

Snapshots: Spencer, NC

Have I ever mentioned how much I love trains?

Snapshots: Umstead Park

Before departing Raleigh, I visited Umstead Park.

I find it curious I never visited the park when I actually lived in Raleigh. For five years, I just ignored it.

Now equipped with my camera, I can finally see this place. In fact, this is a reoccurring theme: My camera helps me see what has always been.

That is, perhaps, a great power of still photography.

Snapshots: Spring 2013

Under the oppressive air and flow of sweat, we say goodbye to spring.

This spring was particularly long and beautiful. The cool weather lasted as long as it possibly could.

Soon the City will slow and empty for the two, long summer months; the hum of A.C. units fills the streets.

Summer in New York is a unique time, an unmistakeable mix of heat, sex, and humanity that contrasts with a slower, more deliberate pace.

Snapshots: Sailing

My wife likes sailing like I like trains -- which is to say, irrationally.

For our anniversary I got her a trip abroad a sail boat the trips around the Manhattan harbor.

Snapshots: NEP 33 Studio Crew

Things are changing quickly at NEP 33. Al Jazeera has taken over, and our old shows will be canceled in the fullness of time.

So before our world up-ends, I thought it would be cool to take a few pictures of the old set and crew.

The T.V. business is a vicious and ever changing organism. For all the imagery we record daily, only still photography captures things and hold them in place.

Snapshots: A President's House

Mt. Vernon: In stormy weather.

Canon Reaches, And For Your Wallet

Canon just released a new lens, and it’s pretty awesome. Read More…

Chillaxing At The New House

Moving sucks. No question about it. The new place, however, is pretty awesome. And we’re all unpacked.

Good to be home.

Petapixel Does What?

Sigma did what everyone else wanted to but couldn’t: A 18-35mm/f1.8 lens.


It’s mainly for use with a crop sensor camera, but still the technological innovation is quite amazing. This lens offers a full stop of light more than its competitors.

Can’t wait to try it! Go Sigma!

Saying Goodbye

After ten years it’s time to say goodbye to our apartment on the Upper East Side.
Read More…

Snapshots: Christmas In Florida

For Christmas this year, my family rented a house on Anna Marie Island, off the coast of Sarasota.

It is a beautiful little island and well worth a visit.

Snapshots: Flowers at Ringling

The Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota is a beautiful site filled with an amazing collection of art acquired by John and Mable Ringling. Also, there’s a lot of circus history and memorabilia.

There also happens to be a garden. Armed with my macro lens, I took the following pics. A good flower is a true thing of beauty. Intricate and infinite in line and color.

I guess I feel about flowers the way birders feel about birds.

Does that make me a … flower-er? God help me …

Snapshots: Bethlehem, PA

My wife races in half marathons. I often tag alone, with my camera in tow. This fall she picked Bethlaham, PA for The Runner’s World Half Marathon. It was a beautiful fall day, check out a few pics below.