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"Flying "High"
Intrepid Air and Space Museum
New York City

Snapshots: Chihuly at NYBG

Chihuly has come to NYBG, and off we went on a rainy weekend to see the sights. His works are placed throughout the gardens.

I particularly like his bowls, which are pictured at the bottom.

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The Pope's Visit

The Pope came to town last Fall.

I don't fully understand the appeal of organized religion. It's unlikely I ever will and, at times, that makes me sad.

These photos, shot with a super-telephoto lens from the roof of my work, at once depict my curiosity, confusion, discomfort, and distance.


The Concrete Jungle

Manhattan envelops you, preventing an easy escape.

It is dense, imposing, and ornate.


Yankee Stadium

A cool spring night at Yankee Stadium is how you know you're living. Read More…