Snapshots: Women's March

I find protesting cathartic. It's not often you are allowed to openly yell in public.

And not get strange looks.


Snapshots: 2017 Orchid Show

I took 700 photographs of the show this year. I whittled it down to these.

Like my maternal grandmother, I'm a big fan of orchids. No particular reason.

Similar to my love of trains, it has just always been. And so, year after year after year, I photograph these flowers, governed by some mad compulsion that lives deep within me.


Snapshots: NYBG Pumpkins


Snapshots: Midtown Sunset

The view on top of 230 5th Avenue is remarkable.

The drink prices, however, are too.


Snapshots: JFK Approach

After over a month away in Rio, flying back home felt like seeing an old friend again.

On this August afternoon we took a lazy and looping path towards JFK.

I never tire looking out the window. So much humanity and diversity crammed into such a small space.

It's good to be back.


Lower Manhattan

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Snapshot: NYC In Spring

Spring in New York City really is the best. Read More…

Snapshots: NYC Spring

It was a hard winter, which made Spring that much lovelier.


Snapshot: Japanese Gardens

Again this year, on display were various Chrysanthemums grown in very peculiar ways that differ greatly from Western practices.

Leave it to the Japanese to be this meticulous.

Thanks to NYBG for hosting.

Snapshots: The Rose Show

A rose by any any other name ...

Snapshots: Spring 2014

We say goodbye to a cool spring, and hello to the hot summer.

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